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The Accra Goods Market is an open air market that hosts a variety of food, fashion and design goods vendors. We create opportunities for new product introduction as well as brand engagement for small and medium scale enterprises. Our e-commerce website is designed to ensure that brands remain visible online in between events.

We held 3 markets in 2015, attracting over 3000 shoppers and an average of 50 vendors per event. Last year (2016) we kicked off the series of events with 93 vendors and about 2000 shoppers on May 25. Our event on September 21 2016 at the Accra Polo Grounds hosted 147 vendors and about 5000 shoppers. The Founders day edition was sponsored by Vodafone Cash in their bid to drive a cash lite economy. Merchant tills were created for vendors to transact sales via mobile money wallets hence reducing the amount of physical cash held at the event.

Our target demographic is made up of young tech savvy individuals between the ages of 18-44. 70% of the shopper population is female and remaining 30% male. The average spend per item is about GHS 60 per item on fashion products and about GHS 20 on food items.

We actively promote our market to this niche via social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we have a combined audience of over 40,000 people.

We work with Brands like Uber who provide exclusive promo codes for our patrons to enjoy first time free rides on their service, and Albrim Microfinance who provide small loans for our vendors.

We want to become a cashless market using innovative ways for trade. We will become a campaign activation point for brands looking to introduce new products and services or increase brand engagement.

We intend holding more pop up events in other countries to help our vendors enter other markets.

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